Monday, March 29, 2010

For Starters.....

So I decided to make Sourdough.
Right I know, I'm crazy.
But you wouldn't have anything funny to read if I wasn't such a bumbling baker with apparently no fear of yeast after my last debacle.

So here is my starter. 

starter day 1

Exciting right?  No. Not really.  But to me it is  I can smell the bread at the end of this journey.
Oh lemme show you a picture of the inside


starter day 1

You see its my pet!  Because its growing and I have to feed it to keep it alive!
I think I shall name her Lilly!

You see, sourdough is... oh why don't I let Wikepidea tell you.

Sourdough is made by using a small amount (20-25 percent) of starter dough (sometimes known as the mother sponge) which contain the culture, mixing it with new flour and water. Part of this resulting dough is then saved to use as the starter for the next batch. As long as the starter dough is fed weekly with flour and water, the sourdough mixture can stay in room tempurature indefinately and remain healthy and usable.  It is not uncommon for a bakers starter to have years of history, from many hundreds of previous batches.  As a result each bakers sourdough has a distinct taste.

Whew. Now that thats over if you want more info other than this go to S.John Ross for more help!

Starter Recipe:

1cup Flour
1cup Water

Let sit on counter.
Remove half and feed with
1/2 cup Flour
1/2 cup Water
Watch grow!

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  1. wow! That looks amazing to me! You should have seen the pre-made garlic bread that I burnt last night and threw out to my dog! haha