Thursday, March 25, 2010

4 little pen pals sitting in a tree....

I dropped of G and A at school and drove home to take care of my daily obsession of blog reading. Lately MckMamma has really got me thinking and feeling. She recently came back from a trip to Kenya with Compassion International. Her story and pictures were so captivating I felt the need to as Mr. RT.

Lets just say Mr.RT says we can take care of our own hooligans with that money.

So, I pouted. And I prayed. And pouted some more.

Then I visited MckMamma. She shed light on my conundrum.

I could be a Correspondence Sponsor.

One who writes to the kids whose financial sponsors didn't have time to write!

I am so excited! I got in contact with CI and are going to be pen pals with 4 children in Kenya. I think it is so important that my children see that there is more to life then themselves. At 7, 6, and 4 they are at the perfect age to make a life long friend with someone who truly needs them! I can't wait!!!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-Ball is for Big Girls

So a couple of weeks ago Mr. RT and I decided that the girls needed to be more active. SO we decided how about softball?? G-baby had played the summer before so why not.

Weeelllll.....nothing in this house is drama free with 3 girls.

A-baby is the DRAMA no DRUHAMA Queen. Anyway last year she flat out refused to to play even though we had already payed, bought cleats, glove, and bat for her.

You see, G-baby and A-baby went to the first practice all excited and on the first ball tossed to G-baby, she missed and it hit her square in the nose, causing a nasty nosebleed. G-baby was A-OKAY but A-baby was traumatized. Refused to set foot on the field again.

Well lets forward back to this year. C-baby wanted to play and being the stocky little girl she is I figured it was the perfect sport for her. Which incited the competitive nature of A-baby who all of the sudden wanted to play again.

"Really", I asked?

"Yes, Mom really."

"okay I'll tell Daddy."

"So, you want to play T-ball", Daddy asks A-baby.

"yes, daddy I love you."

"Yea, yea, yea, If we do this and you quit again, no organized sports, groups, nothing. Understand me?"

"oh daddy duh!"

So a week after the first practice I have to say that these girls are going to be a force on the Softball field. when they are all old enough to be on the same team WATCH OUT!

I am excited they all love playing, although I doubt this common interest will last long. I pray that it does last because it is amazing to see my amazing babies work together!

Oh A-baby and C-baby are playing T-ball. Go Blue Tigers!
And G-baby is in her first year of coach pitch! Go Blue Jays!

Kinda Ironic they are the same colors! Love it!

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