Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why is bread so Intimiating

OK so its late on St. Patty's Day. I learned alot about my love hate relationship with making bread. To those who have a bread machine...I bow down! It must be the greatest thing since forever! I want one. Like really bad. Because after the today kneading and rising and kneading and rising. Oh Lord who gets joy out of this? I will one day! If it kills me!

Speaking of the joy of bread baking I was talking to a dear friend today who we'll call BMac. She is awesome! Even if she's a dreaded Tennessee fan. Ugh. No one is perfect.


We were talking about a mutual acquaintance who not only has 5 boys but makes bread daily. AND on top of that GROUNDS HER OWN WHEAT!!! WHO DOES THAT???????????

Seriously? who. does. that?

At least she gives me something to strive for!

Okay back to the bread I made today. The first loaf was A Crusty White Bread. Enough for one gigantic loaf. Although it came together awesomely I would put a little more salt in it next time.

I'll add the recipe at the end of this post.

Oh. And I totally forgot to take pictures of the loaf before I gave it to my neighbor.

Yes I gave it away. No need to get even fatter. =o)

All Things Green....

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!

Let me start by saying that no one in our family is Irish and my husband constantly says he doesn't even know what all the hubbub is about. Yes I used the word hubbub. Is that even a word?

wow. totally off subject. let me get back on track.

So I wanted to make some yummy (i hope) st. patty's day treats today.I decided on dark chocolate mint brownies. Sounds good right? I really hope so because I'm feeding them to the kids after school.

I am also working on taking so artsy fartsy food pictures. granted i don't have one of those evniable cameras that some of my favorite blogs have but maybe if this blog thing picks up steam I might just convince RT (roll tide) - my hubby, to get me one.

**Isn't its Purty?!?!**

Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay so I have been totally off to a really bad start with this great idea of a blog. See what had happened was my entire familia got sick. No, not "mommy I got a cold" sick, I'm talking its 3am and I wake up out of a deep wonderful sleep to the faint sound of "mommy I think my tummy hurts...." followed by the sound of date night with daddy at Johnny's Pizza landing on my CARPETED floor. Did I mention throw-up and carpet don't mix?? So that evil nasty sickness went through all three girls and then to top it off the BIG BABY got it. Ughhhh.... Really? Do I have to cuddle with you after you just threw up in the toilet?? Apparently I'm warm and he is cold and "shiverry" His words not mine. So now that this blog has become more about my life and less about my baking I'm going to add another entry later highlighting my amazing butter cookies that I happened to stumble upon! So exciting!