Monday, April 19, 2010

I hang my head in shame....

Oh no...not because I did anything wrong, its because I didn't do what I wanted perfectly. You see I can't stand not being awesome at things.  My friend and fellow new blogger Rachael has a perfect name for is "perfectionista"  I LOVE IT!  Its the perfect name. 

Okay so back to what I was not perfect at.  Making a cake for C and A's tball teammate.  Normally, what i set my mind to do I do really well and it comes with ease.  This however, *sigh* about killed me.

No, seriously.

I had sweatly palms, a massive headache, and extreme anxiety.  For some reason it was not turning out like I wanted it to.  I've made cakes before that turned out awesome.

Maybe, because it was the first cake that I made that wasn't for friends or family.

Maybe, I over thought it.

I mean the mom swore she love it but I think she's just being nice! 

But I will persevere.  I have just been asked to do a 3D pirate cake. SERIOUSLY?? 

I'll have to pull my hair out in anxiety think about it.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  But maybe I am.

God won't give me anything I can't handle right?  Right?

peace and blessings,

   Baking Momma


  1. I am sure that your cake was wonderful... and you are soooo ready for this next venture... a 3D pirate cake :-)!

    Post pictures and keep us posted!

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